Carlo Camporeale was born in Torino (Italy), on March 2nd, 1976. He is married with two children.
Since August 2014 he is Associate Professor at Politecnico di Torino, Department of Environmental and Land Engineering. He is member of the Group of Environmental Fluid Mechanics. He has been supervisor or co-supervisor of 6 Ph.D students. He is currently supervising the Ph.D research activity of Matteo Bertagni, Giulia Cardillo and Luca Salerno.

Scientific Education
2001: Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Torino in July 2001 with a thesis on the "Analysis of coherent structures in wall turbulence: classical methods and phase space".
2004: Summer school in Geophysical and Environmental Fluid dynamic (GEFD), at Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) University of Cambridge (U.K).
2005: Ph.D. in Hydraulic Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin with thesis on "On the short- and long-term behaviour on meandering rivers", supervised by Prof. Luca Ridolfi and Amilcare Porporato.
2009: Summer school in Asymptotic methods in Fluid Mechanics at the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (CISM) Udine (Italy)
2012: Summer school in Stochastic methods in Fluid Mechanics at International Centre of Mechanical Sciences (CISM) Udine (Italy)

In September 2008 he received the "Torricelli Award" of the GII ("Gruppo Italiano di Idraulica") for the best young italian researcher in hydraulics in the years 2006/2008.

Scientific production
He is author of 60 pubblications on ISI peer-reviewed international journals (h-index=16) and attended nearly twenty national and international conferences. His scientific activity mainly concerns fluid mechanics with a particular attention to the morphological instability of geophysical flows, river mechanics, stochastic modeling in biomorphodynamics and hemodynamics.

Review activity
He has been reviewer for Nature-Geosciences, PNAS, Scientific Reports, Geophysical Research Letter, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Journal of Geophysical Research, Water Research Resources, ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms and Hydrological Science Journal. He is proposal reviewer for the National Science Fundation (US).

Abroad activity
He has been visiting scholar in the University of Washington, Department of Applied Mathematics, in collaboration with Prof. Criminale. He was involved in EU hydralab III programme with experiments at the total Environment Simulator of the University of Hull (UK). He stayed at Laboratoire d'Idrodinamique of Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) from February to August 2013 in collaboration with Jean Marc Chomaz and Peter Schmid.

He was involved in the following research grants of (funded by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research):
1. PRIN 2003, titled "Role of (riparian and in-stream) vegetation on the morphodynamic response of river systems" (Budget: 60 K€, supervisor: Ridolfi)
2. PRIN 2006, titled "Interactions between morphodynamic and ecology in river and riparian environments" (Budget: 50 K€, supervisor: Ridolfi)
3. PRIN 2008, titled "Processes of interactions between river morphodynamics and riparian vegetation dynamics" (Budget: 40 K€, supervisor: Ridolfi)
4. POLI DI INNOVAZIONE (2012), titled “Bioenerwater”  (Budget: 130 K€, supervisor: Camporeale)
5. Ph.D grant funded by French-Italian University (Budget: 60 K€, supervisor: Camporeale, co-supervisors: Jean-Marc Chomaz and Abdul Barakat)
6. Ph.D grant funded by Compagnia San Paolo (Budget: 60 K€, supervisor: Camporeale, co-supervisors: Annunziato Siviglia)

Lecturer of:
- River Hydraulics (M.D. in Civil Engineering, 2016-)
- Industrial fluid mechanics (M.D. in Mech. Engineering, 2008-)
- Fluid mechanics (B.D. in Mech. Engineering, 2012-)
- Hydropower plants (M.D. in Electrical Engineering, 2011/12)
- Fluid Mechanics (B.D. International Course in Automotive Engineering, 2004-2007)

Assistant of:
- Hydraulics (B.D. in Civil/Environmental Engineering, 2008-2016)
- River Hydraulics (M.D. in Civil Engineering, 2011-2016)
- Fluid Mechanics (B.D. in Mechanical/Environmental/Civil Engineering, 2003-2008)
- Advanced Fluid Mechanics (M.D. in Mechanical Engineering, 2004-2007)